Beauties and Beasties

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Image of Beauties and Beasties Image of Beauties and Beasties Image of Beauties and Beasties Image of Beauties and Beasties

Inspired by the majestic palm trees, reggae rhythms, and island motifs while visiting Jamaica, Rick Valicenti created a series of automatic Picasso-esque drawings that took the form of beauties and beasts. First exhibited in the Robert Jeffrey Salon on North Halsted, Valicenti styled the series of Beauties and Beasties according to the vision of the You Are Beautiful campaign to delight and intrigue.

The Beauties and Beasties series of masks speak in many voices: Picasso, Jamaican, comic and whimsy, and pure Valicenti. Each was rendered by hand and then digitally translated and often collaged with an iPhone image from a magazine found in the salon’s waiting area. The mashup celebrates unique identities and creates a cast of characters or avatars one might assume. The faces blend the lines of race, age, and even species, while maintaining a keen awareness of gender identity associations. The resulting portrait masks illustrate sheer otherworldliness.

• Limited edition of 35 sets
• Comes in a set of 2, 35-page books
• Digital reproduction
• Signed by Rick Valicenti
• Always 5x7 inches

View the entire series at bb.rickvalicenti.com